In New Orleans, we know that times of transition are best met with community and celebration. Our society’s transition out of the Fossil Fuel Era is no different.

Fossil Free Festival (FFF) is a biennial gathering around art, music, films, food, and difficult conversations about the ethics and complexities of funding art and education with fossil fuel philanthropy. It is a dedicated and open space for Lousiana to imagine and design a #FossilFreeCulture.

Antenna launched the first FFF in April 2018. The event initiated a rich conversation among artists, activists, tribal leaders, scientists, educators, administrators, funders, and the general public. FFF 2020 will continue these conversations while opening up new imaginative horizons. Across the globe, demands for corporate accountability, reparations for slavery, colonialism, and climate change, and the rights of Mother Earth are forming a counterweight to corporate impunity for crimes against humanity and nature.

FFF 2020 wants to contribute to the expansion of Louisiana’s and the world’s horizons for justice by exploring ideas such as a ‘Green New Deal’ for a just transition of culture and economy; organizing beyond ‘restoration’ to demand reparations for 300 years of extraction; the rights of nature; and a youth vision for the future.

Fossil Free Fest is presented by Antenna, a multi-arts organization in Louisiana. For more information or to contribute, contact